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Week 1: Vet Clinic Secretary

Do you have a pet that might need a visit to the vet? The waiting room was full with a rabbit, kitties, doggies, a fish, and an iguana. Miss N helped children take turns being the secretary and taking the patients back to see the doctor and to get x-rays taken, going over results, and scheduling a follow-up appointment. I really enjoyed how after each x-ray the children clapped that the animal had "good bones"! Miss N told how being a secretary can be an opportunity to show patience, compassion, and care in stressful times.

Mrs. S led our story time with a story called, "You can count on it!" Just as you can count on gravity, seasons, and so much more, you can count on Jesus.

Mrs. M brought our craft, where children planted flowers to take home and showed carefulness in handling the plant and watering it.

For snack time we ate apples and all visited together.

The children enjoyed playing in the playhouse structures which include a veterinarian office, restaurant, farmer's market, barn, construction area, fire station, and post office.

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