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Review of Career Camp 2023

A huge thank you to our teacher,  volunteers, donors, and businesses who made Tuesday mornings a highlight of our week all summer long!

Construction: Thompson Machinery brought a backhoe for the kids to climb on! They loved pretending to be on a big construction project as they pushed buttons and levers from the driver's seat! Thank you, Thompson Machinery, for your generosity!

Zoo Caretaker: Party Animals Petting Zoo brought a sheep, baby goats, and a kangaroo. The children ran and played with the goats and giggled when they jumped. Some of the adults got to hold a snugly kangaroo in a messenger bag style pouch. It was a sweet, memorable experience!

HVAC  Technician Roscoe Brown Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Greg did a career presentation and demonstration complete with tools, instruments, calculation charts, duct-work materials, and an airflow experiment with bubbles! Below, some of the children pose with their bubbles. We send a big thank you to Greg at Roscoe Brown!

We also had a Police, Pottery Artisan, Veterinarian Secretary, and Surgeon...Thank you to each one who presented and participated!

Interested in Presenting a Career?

Our team will be working on our future community events calendar soon and determining which careers to feature. Please let us know through our contact form if you are interested in presenting your business or career at a future Career Camp.

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